Anger Management


Anger is a common emotion we all feel during daily life.  For some, anger can be a strong motivator used to propel ourselves towards a goal.  For others, anger can be an impediment to success and in forming relationships. People who struggle to manage anger often do not recognize what they are feeling until they have “gone too far.”  For children and teens, underdeveloped skill in managing anger can appear as being defiant, avoiding difficult tasks, or “just refusing to listen.” The key is not avoiding anger, but learning how to channel this feeling into a positive outlet.  Because there is a belief that anger is “wrong,” many people try to hide this emotion. This can lead others to believe it is not okay to even feel anger. Even when anger does not present as obviously as fighting or destruction, misunderstood internal anger can prevent us from reaching our potential in school, at home, or in the workplace.

Common experiences include:

  • Feeling “out of control.”
  • Arguments with friends, peers, or loved ones.
  • Mistaking feelings of fear, sadness, confusion, or lack of sleep for anger.
  • Isolation.
  • Lowered self esteem.
  • Detentions, suspensions, or expulsions for students.
  • Difficulty retaining employment for adults.

We provide individual, couples, parenting, and group therapy to help address these concerns at our Indian Trail location as well as teletherapy when appropriate.  We will focus on identifying goals specific to your current needs which often include emotional awareness, behavioral regulation, development of coping strategies, social-communication skills, and psychoeducation.