Morgan Ridenour, MA

Morgan Ridenhour, MA

About Morgan

By no means a stranger to the anxiety spiral, I am deeply familiar with the impact of fear and have spent years learning to manage, respect, and leverage my anxiety to achieve a sustainable pace of productivity and peace of mind. I am content with where I am while simultaneously striving to become a more efficient, more patient, more skillful version of myself – this balance of fulfillment and growth is what I aim to achieve with all my clients. I enjoy searching for the underlying motivations that drive and maintain our behavior patterns and figuring out how to help people feel empowered to organize and adjust their lives to meet their goals. I believe that humans are inherently good, infinitely adaptable, and incredibly resilient. I believe that we are, at our core, a social creature that thrives in environments of healthy collaboration. I am proud to be a part of an organization that is radically inclusive.

    Coaching Style

    No matter how stuck we feel, change is always on its way. For many people, myself included, the anticipation of change can be scary or overwhelming. Despite how daunting that can be, we are capable of initiating and influencing so many of the changes in our lives. In the moments where we truly cannot adjust the world around us, we can change ourselves so that our lives are both manageable and enjoyable. We can gain perspective, create strategies, and implement plans so that no matter what difficulties we face, we can thrive.

    I believe that together, we can create a space where you can explore who you are and what you want for yourself, be that in work, relationships, or homelife. Once we identify your goals, we can create an actionable plan, monitor progress, and adjust as needed. I believe in a holistic approach to change where we consider all of the elements holding patterns in place and figure out which ones can be shifted to better serve you. I encourage and happily collaborate with therapists!

    I specialize in working with neurodivergent adolescents and adults, and parents of neurodivergent children. For more details about the scope of my work, please refer to the Coach and Behavioral Consultant – Service Description.


    As an undergraduate, I majored in English Literature as well as Psychology at the College of Charleston in South Carolina. Here I was extremely fortunate to be able to work as an ABA therapist, research how to reinforce the behavior of variability in pigeons, and study the creation of social judgments in preschoolers. After receiving my Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and my Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2010, I pursued my Masters in Clinical and Community Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and graduated in 2017. In 2010 I began my work as an Animal Specialist, collaborating with licensed mental health clinicians to provide experiential therapeutic services to a wide variety of clients. In 2014, I added leadership development to my workload, both at the executive and non-executive level. Through these experiences, I honed my abilities as both Behaviorist and Coach to help facilitate clients in building skills in communication, executive functioning, and interpersonal relationships. In 2021, I partnered with Halcyon to expand my coaching business and continue my work on helping neurodivergent individuals and parents of neurodivergent children to meet their goals.


      • 50-min Virtual Coaching Session: $120
      • Nature-Based or Animal Assisted Coaching Session: Variable
      • Professional Consultation: $120/hr

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